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गोपनीयता बुंदाहरु

What data do we store about you and why?


We store gender to be able to say something about the distribution between men and women with symptoms.

Age goup

We store age groups to distinguish which age groups experience symptoms.


To give the public insight into how many people show symptoms in the area where they live, we store postcodes. In this way we can show overview of the number of people with specific symptoms in different areas.

Test status

We also save whether you have been tested and what the results of this test are. With this information we can calculate the percentage of the participants who show symptoms. We display this on a map.


The symptoms you submit indicate whether you may be infected with the Covid-19 virus. The timing of the onset of symptoms also gives an indication of how long you've been contagious. We collect this data and visualize it anonymously. In this way, the public can gain insight into how big the figures can be.


We use cookies to store participant data in their own browser. We first ask permission for this. With these cookies, participants can anonymously report if their symptoms have decreased.

Delete data

All stored data is anonymized and we do not store any personal data that can be deleted.

Share data with National Health Service

If desired, we provide anonymous data to the NHS.


We use analytics to gain insight into the use of the website. We use Simple Analytics for this - a party that does not store personal data and does not place cookies.

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